Review of EBALAY Glitter Nail Polish from KKCenterHk

This is the first polish that I reviewed from KKCenterHk. This is a bronze glitter topper made by EBALAY.

Color- This is a glitter topper that has bronze large hexes, white bars and hexes and iridescent hexes.  There is a lot of glitter in the base. 
Application- For the large amount of glitter in this polish, it wasn't too lumpy while applying. There was also no curling or obnoxious poking with any of the glitter. The bar glitter even managed to stay flat. In the pictures I did 2 coats on my pointer finger, 1 coat over white on my middle finger, 1 coat over burgundy and 2 coats over burgundy on my pinkie. 
Smell- There is a chemicalish kind of smell to this polish. I could not put my finger on the smell, but it does not smell 3 free at all. 
Price- $7.04 for a 15mL bottle
Overall-This is a really nice bronze glitter topper. I do not like the smell, personally, but the glitter is really nice. 
Availability- You can find this glitter on the KKCenterHk page. 

You can find this polish HERE.

Over Barielle- Naughty Naughty


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