Red Coat Tuesday

Ok... So now that the premeir is over, I wanted to start something that we can ALL participate in! This weeks link up- and every monday until PLL winter season is over will be Red Coat. Get it??

For this weeks Red Coat, I used Slice of Life by Esmaltes da Kelly. It is a goooorgeous and sexy red!!

I hope you all enjoy this and join in again next week

So.. the rules for this??

1. Paint your nails red.
2. You can do a design and use other colors, but the main color should be red. 
3. Add your manicure by adding the inlinkz code which you can get- here- to your blog
4. If you don't have a blog, add your picture to this post on my Facebook, tag me and I will add it to my PLL link up board on Pinterest so that I can add it to the link up. I will post the linkup page there so you can view it!! 
5. Share your pretties and get your friends to join!!


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