Yes!!! I loooooooove PLL. PLL is Pretty Little Liars which is a show on ABC Family for those of you whom are non- followers. I did one last year and I really wanted to do it again. I have also invited my FB, Instagram, and other group followers to join me. I have included a link up at the bottom of this post if you are interested in adding your picture!!

I want to talk about why I chose the colors I did. First see the list below of the names of the colors.

Colors Used:
Man Glaze- #MatteIsMurder
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
Sinful Colors- Black on Black
L'Oreal- Jolly Lolly
Maybelline- Dressed to Kill
Sally Hansen- Ice Coffee

right hand

right hand
My thumb has Ice Coffee on it. I tried to find the color that is closest to the one that is being painted on Alison in the intro. I probably could have used a lighter pink, but I do not have an exact match. Apparently the polish that was used was Ali by Zoya, but I have not confirmed that and I do not remember if I read that somewhere (the credit below the picture goes to a post that claims this as well) or if I just assumed everyone loves Zoya... Well it looks like it anyway.  Next time, right? The Man Glaze- Duh, it has the word murder in it! Maybelline (on my middle finger) is called Dressed to Kill. I like this because it is a bloody color and it reminds me (not color wise) of the red coat. Dressed to Kill is just a great name for a polish associated with PLL. Next is Jolly Lolly which I used in a jelly sandwich. The jelly polish reminds me of bloody yucky body stuff and it is the color of the red coat, as well. My pinky is done in Snow Me White with Black on Black. Just plain and simple black and white... Which PLL is not!!

Second, The designs were done purposefully as well. My thumb is just supposed to be Ali's thumb in the intro. My pointer finger is a black matte with a black glossy polish on top in a gnarly and messy design. It is just supposed to be dark and calculating. My middle finger represents the 4 liars plus 1 extra. The 1 extra is Ali coming back into the picture. We shall see what happens.I also added the letters PLL in between the dots as well. The ring finger represents the red coat. It is a jelly sandwich to make it more gorey, but it is supposed to be the red coat. See... the little buttons. My pinky is "A". Just a plain and simple black and white "A".

Also, check out who else is doing PLL nails!!!

ENJOY PLL and I cannot wait to see what A brings this season!!


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