Nail Art for Nubs

Here we are... Yet another Monday! Good thing is I have done some experimenting for you!! I recently won a contest where I was able to purchase a couple products from Color4Nails. Included in that purchase was my very first Liquid Sky Lacquer. I am soooo amazed by thermals that I must have them all. The Liquid Sky Lacquer is called Jekyll and Hyde and it is straight sexy!! Anyway, for this design I wanted to do something with 2 different thermals in one design. I had this brilliant design in my head. I would do thick stripes and then showcase the different color temps with that....Well, it was a little harder than I expected. First, I used TBH Fantasy Island for the accent. This has a different temperature threshold than the Liquid Sky Lacquer did.

Cold Colors

Warm Colors

As you can see it was really tricky to catch a picture with them both in transition. The easy part was getting them both cold or both hot, but since they both changed at different temps, it was super hard to catch them in the middle. So much for my brilliant color changing double fantastic art mani!!!

Polish TBH- Fantasy Island
Liquid Sky Lacquer- Jekyll and Hyde


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