GOT Polish Challenge- Blue

Blue is NOT a color I own very many of. Funny story is, one of the first polishes my husband ever bought for me was Now You Sea Me by L'Oreal. I remember I was sooo mad at him for spending $8.00 on nail polish! haha. Now, I look back and see $8.00 is not that bad. Although, I now have my drug store hookup, I will not ever spend more than $2 or $3 on a drugstore brand. High ends and indies... well there is no limit on a polish that I really want.

Also, bear with me as I explore my new lighting set up. It is soooo hard to get used to because all of my hand poses are soooo awkward now and it's driving me nuts. I just need to practice a little more. Practice makes PERFECT, right?

L'Oreal- Now You Sea Me
Wet n' Wild- Saved by the Blue


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