ECOPOLO Twinsies

This month my partner and I decided to use Sinful Colors- Nirvana and Orly- Space Cadet for our twinsies.I used Nirvana for the base color and then just did a stripe down the middle of each with Space Cadet. I really like the way this combination turned out.

Also, if you have not noticed, I am experimenting with some different watermarks. I am digging the curved watermark as you are able to see more of the design without my giant straight watermark interfering. 

Aaaaand I am sooo excited to announce that I have a new lighting system heading my way as we speak. I am hoping to set up a little office down in my basement where I can set up all of my polishes and a little desk with my new lighting setup. I think this will be great for the sanity of my husband and the flow of my blog!! Stay tuned to see what I do!!

Orly- Space Cadet
Sinful Colors- Nirvana


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