When the Ball Drops by Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer

This is the last installment (for now) for the winter collection from Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer. When the Ball Drops is the perfect New Years polish. I have a couple different looks to show you to make your nails bling to ring in the NEW YEAR!!

Also ***BONUS** Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer is having a 25% off sale from now until January 1st. With her prices being absolutely reasonable to begin with, 25% off knocks it out of the park. The code is BEMERRY25. Be sure to tell her ColorMeSoCrazy sent you!! I also have swatches from SANL in case you need some swatches to look at before you buy.

Not Your Mama's Cranberry Sauce
Fluffy Stuff
Rudolph Ralphed 
Knot Knot
In Loving Memory
Lucy in the Sky
Expert Marksman
Tattle Teal

So... Now for the polish!!

Color- This is a glitter topper that has blue and pink micro glitters with small and medium sized gold hexes. 
Application- The micros makes this pretty opaque, but you should always wear undies and a base coat when wearing glitter. This is especially true with micros because they can rip your nail apart when removing.
Smell- There is no unusual smell for this polish. 
Price- $6.00 for a full size bottle
Overall-This is a beautiful polish that just blings in any kind of light. Artificial, sunlight, moonlight- well I don't know about moonlight, but it is beautiful. 
Availability- You can find this beauty at the Shirley Ann Nails Etsy Page

From pointer to pinky- 1 coat, 2 coats, 1 coat over white and 1 coat over black. 

When the Ball Drops over KBShimmer Plum-Tuckered Out on accent fingers


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