The Nail Challenge Collaborative- Favorite Color

Yeah, I almost succeeded in being on time the entire challenge month. ALMOST!! Damn! Anyway, this is the last installation of this month's challenge which again, is favorite color. I have already done:

Now, I am doing a brown and blue combo with dots. Yes, I love this combo. Especially with winter approaching. I love baby blue and brown. It's like warm and cold mixed together! I also happen to love dots, as you can see with many of my manis!! In addition to those little dot clusters, I also did a saran with the colors. The Santee did not like the saran, so I added the dots. I like it. I actually liked it soooo much that I left it on for 2 days. No, I am not sick. I just liked the mani :)

So, without further ado my last installment of Favorite Color Month!! Stay tuned for next months challenge- Inspired by Art. I am not so sure how I am going to swing this, but it will involve googling art! We shall see!! Be sure to stay tuned!!

ellagee- Cowgirls Don't Cry
Santee-Sky Blue


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