Steelers vs Browns

Annnnnnnd here we go again... The Mistake by the Lake! This time we are home, so that's a little better but stinnnnnnky.
So here we are- Steelers 7-8 and Browns 4-11 (pretty good for a team that has not had a winning season in 12049875432543 years). In the last 3 years, the Browns only beat the Steelers one time. For all you fans, that was the game that Big Ben got hurt and Batch had to sub. He was shaky to say the least, but kept the margin down to only 1 touch down. So... 3 years- 5 games later, the Steelers have prevailed!! Steelers lead the series 66-57 in wins!

Yes, sir. I would do this too if I was on the coaching staff of the Browns.

YEAH!!! FINALLY!!  Last week in the regular season and I have some pics to show you!! I love you all girls for joining in!! I will continue to do this for

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