Steeler Time Baby!!

So, my fantasy team made it to the playoffs, so I have a bye this week!! Whoop whoop! ANNNNDDD I am first in my league! BAM!

 This week, the Steelers are playing the Dolphins of Miami in Pittsburgh. The Steelers are 5-7 and the Dolphins are 6-6. I don't have any good jokes about the Dolphins, so I will have to borrow them all from a humerus football site! I am pretty sure the entire offensive line for the Steelers is injured, so that will be fun. Oh and remember who went down to Miami because the Steelers wouldn't give him the ass ridiculous amount he asked to play?? Yurp, Mike Wallace!! I hope we roll all over his town... haha Well as of now, Vegas says the Steelers will lose by 3, so that's fun... Yeah! Let's prove Vegas wrong black and gold.

The Steelers have won against Miami the last 3 times they played.
Why do ducks fly upside down over Sun Life stadium?? There's nothing worth crapping on!

Remember September 7, 2006 when the Steelers were trailing 17-14 in the 4th quarter and then Charlie Batch, Nate Washington, Joey Porter and Heath Miller BLEW IT UP?? They came back 28-17 and won the game! Fantastic!

Miami has not beaten the Steelers since 1998....soooooo let's get it!

Dolphins fans are called Dolfans... ohh yeah so original (complete sarcasm) 

Did you know the Dolphins spent $146 million dollars this off season on free agents. I am not sure who their money guys is, but he should go?? I mean considering Mike Wallace was half of that and stinks worse than a pile of poo....

Why doesn't Orlando have a professional football team?? Well Miami would get mad and want one too!

Cirque- Chrysopoeia
Sinful Colors- Time Off
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White


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