Snowflake Tutorial

Yes!! Another tutorial just for my lovelies! This one was really hard for me. Before you do this, I recommend you have a really skinny brush or really nice long nail beds :) I used this one from N.Nails for the detail work. I have really really tiny nail beds, so it is extra hard for me to do details. If you have longer nails or nail beds, you may be ok with just a striper brush that comes with the polish.

Colors Used:
Zoya: Kristen
Revlon: Royal
Sinful Colors: Snow Me White

Step 1: Paint on your base coat color. I did a light blue, Kristen by Zoya and a dark blue, Royal by Revlon to show both.

Step 2: Paint 3 lines intersecting on your nails. I used Sinful Colors- Snow Me White with my taped tip brush. 

Step 3: Add a v-shape on top of of each of the lines you made. This gets tricky on those small nails, so make sure you use your thin stiper. 

Snowflake Pattern #2
Step 1: Apply your base color. I used the same light blue and dark blue as in the snowflake above. 

Step 2: Make 4-6 v-shapes. I used 4, because I have very small nails and I want to do more than 1 snowflake for this. You can place this in the center of your nail. For this instance, I place it in the lower corner so I can add more snowflakes. 

Step 3: Add smaller v-shapes inside the 4-6 you already made. Yeah- This is wear it started to fall apart for me....Don't mind that lovely blue on my pinky nail. PS- Although Revlon Royal is one of my all time favorite blues, it is on the very edge of being a baaaad stainer. That was stuck there for 2 mani changes. AND.. don't mind the mess that is on my pinky. The beauty of making snowflakes are that no 2 are ever the same and you can basically make your own version with add ons for either of these tutorials!!

Step 4: for the top snowflake, I drew a line through each set of the v-shapes and topped it with a v-shape facing the opposite of the rest. For the bottom snowflake, I drew a line through each set of the v-shapes and then added dots on the end of each "loose tip". I also added a couple lines on the top snowflake to add multiple flakes. 

As you can see in this close up, I literally just did 1 line with 2 small lines branching off of it. I added a dot on the tip. 

Close up of the small v-shapes with lines added though and dots on the end. 

This is the final product with all three designs. As you can see, they all look different and that is the beauty of make snowflakes. Just go with it and if it doesn't work out, it will still look great!!


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