Sinful Leather Luxe BEAUTY!!

I grabbed only two from the Sinful display because I don't like to buy/ regret buying entire collections when they end up not being what I think. So, I grabbed two and threw them in my untireds. I did not pull them out until recently. DUMB!! I really regret not buying this whole collection. I will eventually, but I should have all at once. Both colors I have tried so far have been gorgeous!!

I am a matte fanatic. I love all my colors matted and I have been on the hunt for the best matte topcoat. So far, it's the NYC Matte Me Crazy. This collection actually had a better matte finish than most matte topcoats I own. Not only does this look gorgeous as a matte, it looks equally as great when a regular topcoat is applied. I have some art that I did with this and a regular top coat that I will post in a couple days. In the mean time, enjoy these!!

Sinful Colors- Leather Loose


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