Nail Challenge Collaborative Presents Inspired by Art 1

Ok... I caved. I was visiting with my friend from A Little Polish and she asked me if I was going to participate in this month's theme for the Nail Challenge Collaborative. I originally was not going to because I have had several reviews to complete, 2 other challenges, several giveaways and guests posts. Needless to say, my December was craaaazy. Well being that she is one of my best friends and that she picked this month's theme, I cannot let her down!!

So, I am going to give it the ol' college try and just go for it! Recreations are not my thing and every time I try to recreate a look, I always fail. So..... don't laugh, just appreciate my trying efforts.

My first Inspired by Art is from Fernando Olivera who painted a piece called (untitled) La Luna. He is a Mexican artist which is contribution towards my guest post for Leesha's Lacquer. 


Colors Used:
L'Oreal- Jet Set to Paris
Milani- 3D
Sinful Colors- Citrine
Sinful Colors- Cross My Heart
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
Maybelline- Fierce and Tangy
Wet n Wild- Ebony Hates Chris
Wet n Wild- Sunny Side Up

I took pieces of the painting that my eyes were first drawn to and used them on each nail.The first thing was the moon. It is a golden, magical color with nice eyebrows and big luscious lips.

The second aspect that drew me to the painting is the women's skirt. It is such a bright and beautifully blended color. It is flowing in the night sky which makes me think of night time at the beach. 

Next were the stars and blue night. the bright yellow stars against the bright blue night sky is just magical. Again, it reminds me of a warm night at the beach looking up at the stars. The sky being such a clear blue that you can see every sparking star. 

Finally, the girls flowing hair. Her long black hair flowing in the breeze. 

Besides my lack of artistic ability, I really enjoyed interpreting and being inspired by this art.  


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