Nail Challenge Collaborative present Inspired by Art 2

Ok... I made it. I decided to do two interpretations by Mexican artists to be incorporated into my guest post for Leesha's Lacquer. That lucky duck is going to Mexico for the Holidays and it is tradition that I do a Mexican inspired art for her guest post. Stay tuned for that one on her blog :)

For this, again do not laugh. I did my best. It's sooooo hard to do all I want for these because my little nails are soo little and soo hard to work with.

For this, I used art from a an artist that goes by Pristine Cartera Turkus. The painting is called Tree of Life. I was drawn to this painting because again, it is for my NCC monthly challenge, my guest post for Leesha's Lacquer AND it was so bright and beautiful.

Sally Hansen- Brilliant Star
L'Oreal- Jet Set to Paris
L'Oreal- Penthouse Pink
L'Oreal- Greycian Goddess
L'Oreal- Tea and Crumpets
L'Oreal- Now You Sea Me
Sinful Colors- Boom Boom
Sinful Colors- Cross My Heart
Sinful Colors- Citrine
Cosmetic Arts- Hunter Green
Maybelline- Fierce and Tangy
Wet n' Wild- Ebony Hates Chris
Wet n' Wild- Sunny Side Up

When I saw this painting, I was attracted to the bright colors and the multi-colored flowers. The pattern on the ground was really colorful. I liked the use of colors. They are not matching, but they all look great patched together.

Next, I noticed the tree trunk. It is striped with an off-white color. I thought this was so neat because it could have been so -Dr Seuss like if it was black and white, but instead there is a shift in hue to an off-white. 

Next was all of the flowers on the branches. There was just simple black branches, but all of the flowers with layered colors for the different parts of the flowers made it so interesting. 


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