Nail Art for Nubs

So...for you today I tried to remake my snowflake tutorial nails. I am just convinced that my nails are toooo small to do all this fancy snowflake intricate work. Fine, so mine looks like a blizzard instead of nice delicate snowflakes.

Also, as you can see, I had to file my nails down waaaaay short due to a little break on my ring finger :( I am super sad as they were getting really long.

Anyway, enough pouting. I used different snowflake designs for this one in both silver and white colors with OPI DS Mystery for the background color. In my tutorial, I used a light blue background and a dark blue background. Either way, it looks nice but I am just a vampier person- I guess.

Revlon- Sequin
OPI- DS Mystery
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White


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