Nail Art for Nubs

This week I decided to do some holo stamping with this gorgeous Pretty and Polished AND some Color Clubs! eeeeek!! I am constantly seeking advice on stamping polish, because every single one I pick out, it's either not thick enough, not dark enough, or too quick drying! So, I never stamp. I would love to get into again, but it's just so frustrating. Good news is, I have found a mentor that has told me anytime I need help, to just ask! She doesn't know what she got herself into!

For this mani, I just did a simple... really simple stamp design. I get frustrated with nubs because they are so hard to get a full stamp on and I really have to be careful when placing the stamper. Nubs and small nail beds makes it super hard. Really pretty designs can still be had though!

Look forward to more stamp designs because I am looking to advance a little in this field.

Pretty & Polished- Periwinkle Twinkle
Color Club- Miss Bliss
Color Club- Kismet


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