Let's Go Steelers!!

Here we are... back another week! The Steelers will be playing the Bengals today. You know the rundown! I am also hoping to have some of my fellow NFL lovers to be posting their pictures on here as well. So, be sure to scroll to the bottom and show some love in the comments! Up top here, we will be discussing tomorrow's game.
Now, you all know I love my boys in black and gold but lately poo poo. The Bengals are 9-4 and the Steelers are 5-8. Some Bengals fans do consider the Steelers to be their biggest rivalries, but meh... They are the bungholes, so we aren't worried. The Steelers beat the Bengals the last 5 out of 7 games against the LIEgers.

Sad fans :(

Do you want to hear an awesome Bengals joke?
BenJarvus Green- Ellis.

Cincinnati Police thought they found a huge ring of crime leaders.... Oh wait... never mind. It was just the Bengals huddle.

Lewis: "Hey, we need a new defensive guy! Well, we have to stick with tradition!"
Phone Call to Steelers: "Do you have anyone that we can take off your hands for our defense?"
Tomlin: "Yes, Let me check my roster"
Tomlin checks his roster marked "Players with most criminal records"
Phone Call to Bengals: "We got one that will fit right in with the rest of the guys, James Harrison"

Remember when this slime ball defaced the Terrible Towel?? Ohhh what do his stats look like this year?? Yeah that's right, he hasn't played since 2011.... Wave that towel baby!!

Now... for some NFL art from my great supporters... Show them some love ya'll!! I say touchdown plus 2 point conversion for all!!!

Greenbay Packers
Be sure to show some love to Lustrous Lacquer 

Dallas Cowboys
Thanks Carrie H!

San Francisco 49ers
Be sure to show some love to @paintedparidisenaildesign


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