KBShimmer Winter 2013 Blogger Holiday Collection Part 1

Toast-ess with the Mostest was designed by Peachy Polish for the 2013 Holiday Blogger Collection. I used this beautiful circle glitter over Maybelline Bold Gold. I really like this glitter. It's very pretty to look at this glitter. The circles with the rose gold color is just awesome! I am in love love love with rose gold and this compilation makes the perfect rose gold look. I may try to use this glitter in something again around New Years Eve because it is just so classy.

Snow Much Fun was designed by The Manicurator. This polish is a light blue holo jelly with small and large white circle glitters, white snowflake glitter and some holo micro glitter. This is a really cute polish, especially for winter. I suggest using a thick top coat like Seche Vite or something that will cover the tips of the snowflakes. They do not stick up that bad, but it still needs a thick coat. 

Merry Pinkmas was made by Let Them Have Polish. This is a light pink crelly with lots of different shaped and colored glitters. There are hexes, circles, micros, small and large. The colors range from pink, green, red, yellow, blue, white, and probably more that I didn't see. This was a little hard for me to apply since there were soooo many glitters. I had to manipulate the glitters to make an even finish. This definitely needs a really thick top coat. The glitter piles up so fast that it becomes chunky really quickly. Even though I do love this color and I would absolutely wear this again!

Christmas Now designed by Crystal's Crazy Combos whom I happened to win this fantastic collection from! This is the perfect Christmas polish. I have used it several times and it is such an easy fix to make a Christmas tree in a design. This is a green jelly with different color squares, circles glitter as yellow as gold stars. It is supposed to represent presents and ornaments as well as a tree topper. It's very pretty! I used a pretty thick top coat for this, but it's just needed to smooth out star ends. 

Sand in My Stocking was designed by The PolishAholic. This is a glitter topper LOADED with glitter. Literally, loaded. This has so many glitters in it that it feels and appears as sand once it's dried. There are micros in black, brown, white, and gray (at least that's what I have discovered thus far). There are also blue, orange and gold circle glitters as well as gold stars. This is a very very thickly glittered polish so I would say to literally dab a blob on, wipe your brush and then thin out that blob. I used regular brush strokes on here and it was waaaay too thick.  

Will Yule Marry Me? designed by The Nail Network is a navy blue crelly with different sizes circles and hex silver glitters. It applies very nicely. Usually I have issues with big circle glitters and them staying in place and not flipping on their sides. These applied very nicely in stuck well in the crelly.

Plum Tuckered Out designed by Pointless Cafe. This polish is of my favorite color so of course I have used it like 6 times already.  This is a deep plum jelly/cream mix polish. I can't figure out what it is because the blue micro glitter makes it look like it's a jelly, but KBShimmer says it's a cream. I'm confused. Anyway, the blue glitter really gleams in the light; especially sunlight. 


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