Jindie Nails Natural Born Chiller

Jindie Nails has been my favorite indie polish for quite some time now and everytime I see a good deal in a blog sale or see a Jindie that I don't have, I try to pick it up. This one was picked up in an awesome grab bag. I got a lot of really good polishes in this particular grab bag. Actually, I have always had good luck with grab bags. NOW, IF SOMEONE WOULD BUY MINE THAT WOULD BE GREAT!! Anyway, I used Greycian Goddess by L'Oreal for my undies. I then added the Natural Born Chiller on to my ring and pinky fingers. I just love this polish!! It is soooooo shiny!!

This picture is slightly blurred to show the true bling blang of this Jindie. It is sooooo pretty in person and these pictures do not do it justice. Every time this caught my eye, I just was like "ohhhhh pretty"!!!

L'Oreal- Greycian Goddess
Jindie Nails- Natural Born Chiller


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