ILNP Birefringence Holo

Well, I fell in love with the Ulta Chrome Collection from ILNP. When I saw they were coming out with a holo version- I died a little. Of course I bought a ton during their pre-sale and got them on my nails ASAP. I love love love my Ulta Chromes, I however, do not love their holos more. I thought for sure my love would go to a higher level with the holo added to that. I mean that is a nail polish addicts wet dream. I color shifting holo?!?!? PURE SEX. I think that these fell short of the holoness. I think if ILNP would have added a little tiny bit more of holo it would have reached that "O-face" status. This did not for me! NEED MORE HOLO!

I Love Nail Polish- Birefringence Holo


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