Hot Chocolate Swirl Art

For this design, I used the ever so lovely Sinful Leather Loose, not in the matte version with some Out the Door top coat. Which, by the way, I didn't close the top all the way and half of it leaked out! Ooopps!! Looks like Santa will be bringing me a new bottle this year! So, to create this look you first paint your nails a base. I used the Sinful Colors for this. Next I took a thin brush and started at the base and stroked upwards towards the tip (yeah, that sounds dirty or that's what she said or something). You do this very lightly. Continue to do layers until you reached the desired look. I loved this mani!

So, I have decided to do 1 tutorial a week and then a couple right before Christmas for you all!! I know that my Halloween and Thanksgiving tutorials have been hits, so I will continue with Christmas. If you have any suggestions on stuff you would like to see how to recreate, please let me know by commenting below! I have a couple in mind, but I always aim to please! 

Sinful Colors- Leather Loose
L'Oreal- Tea and Crumpets


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