Daphine Polish Review

I was recently contacted by Daphine Polish to do a review of a couple polishes. I was pretty excited about this because these are my first Daphine Polishes! Hard to believe, I know!

You can buy, browse and/or drool over Daphine Polishes at the following locations:
Daphine Polish Etsy Store
Daphine Polish Facebook
Daphine Polish Store Envy

Color- This is a clear base glitter with iridescent "opal" bars, squares, hexes and micro glitters. It also has white hexes and circles in different sizes. 
Application- (going from index to pinky) I have 1 coat, 1 coat over black, over white and over green. I also have 2 coats of Frosty over Sinful Colors Black on Black . 
Smell- No unusual smell.
Price- $10.00 for a full size bottle.
Overall- This is a fantastic holiday polish to add depth to a snow art scene or just to add some fancy to a dark colored polish. The iridescent glitters pick up what ever your base color is and just makes it blam!! I really really like this polish. It went on very smoothly and I did not have to fish for glitters at all. The brush was nice to use and the bottle design is very unique.
Availability- You can find this beauty at the Daphine Etsy Store or Store Envy

Over Sinful Colors- Black on Black. 1 coat of Out the Door to smooth

Color- Described as a, "dusty purple linear holographic" polish. 
Application-I applied this directly over my base coat. I did use two coats for this just to get full coverage in places where it was a little bald from one coat. 
Smell- No unusual smell.
Price- $10.00 for a full size bottle.
Overall- This polish is very pretty and has a very nice shimmer to it. The holo is pretty scattered, but shows beautifully in the sun. I am hoping that I will have sun here for more than 20 minutes! As soon as I see a day with sun, I will swatch this for you an put it up! I love the dark color of this as I can use for for all of winter, not just the holiday season. 
Availability- You can find this beauty at the Daphine Etsy Store or Store Envy


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