Crown Brush HD Set with Mirror & Tweezer Review

I am so excited about this product because I am a makeup brush hoarder. For real!! I am always on the hunt for the perfect brush, especially eye shadow. This set comes with 6 brushes, a mirror, tweezers and a zippered carrying case. There are 3 colors to choose from; orange, purple and blue. I have the blue set. You can find all three plus more at the Crown Brush website

The brushes are made with high grade synthetic fiber and in turn vegan friendly. You can use this for wet or dry application. This means you can use liquid makeup or powder on these brushes. Yes, that includes gels and creams as well. 

So, the 7 brushes are:
Chisel Shadow
Detail Liner
Crease Blender
Deluxe Contour
Tapered Blush 
Pro Powder

The Chisel Shadow is a big fluffy shadow brush. I used this to apply shadow to my lid and crease. 
The Detail Liner I actually used for lip lining instead of eye lining. I have very small features. While my eyes are big, the brush was too big to be used to line the eye. I could use it for lining with a light shadow, but definitely not liquid. 
The Crease Blender was really nice. I like my blender to be a little thick, but this created a different effect. It worked well with loose power as it blended really nicely. 
The Detail Contour was a little confusing for me. I usually like to use my contour brushes for smokey eye and my bronzer. I think this is too small for bronze and too big for my eyes. I will find a use for it, but I currently do not have one.
The Tapered Brush is used for adding those finishing touches to your make up. I use it for the creases of my nose and under my eyes. I don't use any color with this brush, just mainly powder. 
The Pro Powder Brush is is a big fluffy brush. I used this for all over powder application to seal my final look. You could also use this to put any finishing powder you want for your look, but I use powder mostly. 

The tweezer is an angled tweezer with a coated handle. I really like the size of this. It was easy to maneuver and use on the brow. 

I reccomend this set as the brushes are nice and fluffy. I have done one wash on them so far and the color and texture have remained. Don't forget you can buy your very own set at Crown Brush

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