Christmas Tree Tutorial

So, this is rounding out my Holiday Tutorial session for you guys. I hope you have enjoyed it as I have never done a marathon tutorial session like this. I really enjoyed it and hope to do this again. I think that people like seeing tutorials because I am welcoming you to come in a copy my manis!! Tutorials are a little tricky because you have to break down step by step something that I usually don't think about. I just paint and create. So, if you have anything that you would like to see a tutorial on, please feel free to use the form in the contact section to request and I will do my best to recreate.

Colors Used:
Sinful Colors- Ruby Ruby
KBShimmer- Christmas Now
OPI- DS Magic
Sinful Colors- Flower Girl
Sally Hansen- Polar Bear
Kiss Nail Art- Silver
Medium Loose Star Glitter

Step 1
Paint your base color. I decided to go nude and I just used a clear base coat. You are welcome to choose any color you want, but I would suggest going with a light color so you Christmas Tree doesn't get lost in the dark color

.Step 2
Draw triangles on your fingers with the base at the tip. I did a couple different sizes, because no two Christmas Trees are the same :) I used a regular brush to do this.

Bonus Step
I added the KBShimmer Christmas Now on top of the tree for a little fun. You do not have to do this step, but I wanted to add a little pizzazz.

Step 3
I then added the garland. I used a gold striping brush for this and just did diagonal, slightly curved stripes from the tip of the tree down. You want to curve them downwards so that they look like they are hanging.

Step 4
Make you bulbs by dotting different colors all over your tree. I used blue, silver and red for this. You can use whichever colors make you happy :)

Step 5
Lastly, I topped the tree with a star from a multi-sized loose glitter pack. I just used a dab of polish to make it stick. Literally just a dab so it doesn't smoosh out everywhere when you press the star down.


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