2013 Year in Review

Yes!! Now that I have been around for over a year, I can join in this year! I would like to show you my top 15 favorite ColorMeSoCrazy nails of 2013 (in no particular order). I have had a blast this year. Meeting new people, pushing my designing limit and really spreading the love of ColorMeSoCrazy. I would like to thank you all for helping me out in some sort of way and I promise that 2014 will be EPIC!!

So..... on with the count down!!

Superhero Nails
This was inspired by my son who got to pick out the colors and the superhero inspiration!! These were really fun to do and I got to hang out with  my son while doing them.

Interlocking Dots
This was really fun to do. I saw this tutorial by Jess De Stef and I knew I had to try it!! I used Natty by Zoya and Gargantuan Green Grape by OPI to do this. It turned out really great and this is the first time I tried this technique.

This was my first ever (and only 1 of 2) comparison posts. At this time I had sooo many teal/ turquoise colors that I felt the need to show everyone how really similar- yet different they all were. This was really fun for me to do and it reminds me that I really need to do another one soon!! Any suggestions??

As some of you know, I advise a male-social-fraternity. It is a national organization and I am one of the few female advisors for a fraternity. I was never Greek in college and when I became employed full time at the same University, I decided to take the task on. I have been with this group for almost 7 years now and I love them to death!! Last year, I was given letters to finally be part of a sorority. Which was exciting to me because I gained a whole new group of sisters. These nails were done for Greek Week which I represented both of the groups I loooooove!!

Earlier this year, I lost a job that was very dear to me. Both my husband and I worked at a restaurant which supported us financially for the first couple years of my sons life! I met so many good friends there and learned so many lessons. I laughed and cried and yelled, but I really really miss it. I was so bummed out after it closed that my bestie A Little Polish collaborated with Liquid Lacquer to make me a custom polish. It is sooooo special to me! 

I just loved the way these came out. I had all these different ideas on what to do and ended up settling on three designs. I did one with stamping and the other two were a skittle. This was my favorite!! Everything was spot on! From the water marbling to the sugar spun, it was all awesome!!

I love my Pittsburgh sports and this is 1 of 3 on the top 15 list that includes sports. This means I own a lot of gold, yellow, black and white polish!! This was done for the start of baseball season where the Pirates ended up killin it year!! I hope we can bring it back again in 2014!!

These mark my sons first football game in his first year playing. I was such the proud football mama and as you can see I went hard all the way from my nails to my clothes!! He is playing again next year because he loved it so much. So not only will I have the Steelers series, but I will have the NHYFA series as well!!

Told you!! I love my teams sooo much! This year I started the NFL Roundup which just started to take off now that the season is over. I am hoping to extend it into the post-season and then pick it up full force next year! I hope all of your NFL fans out there will join in. This mani is from the first game of the Steeler season.

There was a very serious accident that happened to a daughter of a lady in one of my nails groups. We are all very very close and we all did our nails purple for her one day. I used my all time favorite indie- Jindie Nails to do this one. The anniversary LE- Purple University is one of my all times favs as well!!

As a person that went through this, this month is very important to me. I told a little of my story about what happened to me, but it was one of the hardest times of my life. I like to support the cause as much as I can through out the year.

I decided to do a mental move by mixing finishes in a single mani. I did a rough liquid sand and rubber finish and they really complimented each other nicely. This made my top ten because I just love both of these colors and together they are one of my favorite color combinations! 

BEGL is one of my favorite new indies out there now. I got one of her first mini bottles and have been a huge fan ever since then. I have seen her grow from just thinking about making polish to moving to a Store Envy. BEGL is a great person and I look up to her. She has a crazy busy life and manages to be cool at all times!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday!! I am foodie and I loooooove to cook! Steelers are one of my favorite things! Those two combined on the same day makes for one hell of a day and one tricky mani! I decided to get really really really creative and make a Steelers turkey. It actually turned out to be pretty popular. We shall see what I can pull out next year!

I did an entire winter season of tutorials. I have never really done them before, but this year I rocked them out from Halloween up until a week ago. It seems as if they were a really big hit and I will continue to do them. It is really hard as a blogger to come up with original content and I always try to suggest ways to make each mani your own when I am showing you how to do them. Some times us bloggers ideas cross paths, but don't forget to give credit where it is due!!

As I mentioned before, my all time favorite indie brand of all time is Jindie Nails. I love everything about this brand. The customer service is always top notch. The polish are always gorgeous and the fans are the best. I got this polish in a grab bag/swap and I am so in love with it. I will make it a goal of mine to vastly expand my Jindie collection so stay tuned to see what I come up with!!


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