12 Days of Christmas Reindeer Tutorial

Yes... we have all seen them. Now, I will teach you how to do them. This is my reindeer tutorial. I have seen many other bloggers that each have their own way of doing the famous reindeer tutorial. I really wanted to show you a couple different ways, but I ran out of time. So, instead I am going to just do links. This will give you different color and design ideas.

Check them all out. If you happen to use any of them (including mine) and post it anywhere, don't forget to give credit :) We work hard and want to inspire you, but lately there have been problems with people CWOC (copying without credit) a lot in the blogging world. Show us some love too peeps!! Anyway, please do copy this, but always let you readers know where you got it from!

So, here are a couple other designs that I found that you may like as well. Be sure to stop by and show them all some Christmas/Holiday love!!

Swatch and Learn
The Nailasaurus
Samarium's Swatches

Colors Used:
NYC- Park Ave
Revlon- Hot for Chocolate
LA Colors- Red
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
Maybelline- Onyx Rush

Step 1: Paint your base coat. Right now, I am using Seche Base Coat. Once you do your protective base coat, paint little half moons in light brown. I used Park Ave by NYC.

Step 2: Next, I used my dotting tool to make the whites of the eyes and then the little black pupils. I made them all different sizes, just to be different. Since I am making Rudolph and the team, I want them to all look different. 

Step 3: Then, I used the same dotting tool to make a sideways oval shape for the noses. I used black for all of them except my accept finger- which also happens to be Rudolph. 

Step 4: Finally, I drew the antlers on. I started with 2 lines coming from the head and then branching little tiny lines off of those. This was the most difficult part since my nails are soooo tiny, I ran out of room. 


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