12 Days of Christmas Lights!

Ok folks... today for you I have a tutorial and my nail art for Sunday. Since I am loyal to my Steelers Sunday, I decided to push this off until today! I did the simple, usual lights mani that EVERYONE does! I recreated in ColorMeSoCrazy style, so the tutorial is the way that I did this. Enjoy and don't laugh at my first attempt at christmas lights!

1. First put on a base color. I chose L'Oreal Greycian Goddess.

2. Next use a sponge to do a gradient. Yes, I know my nail pic is blurry, but I really wanted you to see the what the sponge looks like because that is the important part. I literally just put a stripe of L'Oreal Now you Sea Me and then a stripe of KOH Cloudy on the top of the sponge. I dabbed it with the white towards the tip of my nail. Once I dapped until I got the color I liked, I stopped. The gradient does not need to be perfect because you are putting art over it.

3. Next, I used my black striping polish by Sinful Colors to make the curvy line for the light string. I then used my dotting tool to make lines coming off of the curvy line. These are for the sockets of my bulbs.

4. I then used my dotting tool and 3 different colors for the lights. You can use any amount or color for the lights, but I just used three for this. I dipped some polish onto my tool and then created an oval shape over each of the black nubs I made for the sockets. I used Red by LA Colors, High Line Green by NYC and Fierce and Tangy by Maybelline. 


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