12 Days of Christmas Candy Cane Tutorial

So, here is yet another easy Christmas tutorial to do. It's my candy cane tutorial. The fun thing about this is there are sooooo many patterns you can do for candy canes. There are rainbow candy canes, candy canes with only thick lines, small candy canes, you get my point. So as long as there are some color and lines, you can make candy canes.

Polish Used:
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
Sinful Colors- Ruby Ruby
KBShimmer- I Only Have Ice for You

Step 1: Paint your nails with your base color. I chose white because I am going for the traditional candy cane color.

Step 2: *Optional* I added a little silver holo glitter just for the fancy smancy of it. This is not necessary, but just a little addition to make it ColorMeSoCrazy

Step 3: I added striping tape in the pattern that I wanted. Don't forget that where you do not put the tape, your top color will show. For this pattern, I will decided to do some thick and skinny red stripes as well as a thick and skinny white lines. 

Step 4: I used my red to paint over the tape. I only did 2 nails at a time so that the paint didn't have time to dry to the tape. I recommend only painting 2 nails and then pulling up the tape immediately so that nothing dries on top of the tape and makes the lines uneven. 


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