Steelers Time from a Faithful Fan

You know that I am a sports girl and I love my Pittsburgh sports team dearly, but the Steelers are killing me this season... I mean, come on. Usually when they suck this bad, it means there will be changes in management coming soon. Let's get back on the road to the SuperBowl baby!! So for now, I will just be able to paint my nails with pretty Steelers colors and since we don't have Steelers victories to look forward to, you will have my manis!!

For this baby, I used my favorite 3 Steelers colors and did a combo of dots and stripes. I love using striping tape, but I hate the time it takes to apply. I need some brilliant indie maker to come up with some kind of striping tool. Like a mini pizza cutter for making easy stipes. Ok get on it AND call it StripeMeSoCrazy!!

Well enjoy and Good Luck black and gold!!

Sinful Colors- Let's Meet
Maybelline- Onyx Rush
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White


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