Nail Challenge Collaborative- Favorite Color 1

So this months theme is "Favorite Color"- up to our interpretation!! I am pretty excited about this one because it is a freebie!! Since I own a million gazillion purple polishes- my fav color of course- this will be fun. I don't think I am going to do all purple manis, but maybe a showcase of art using all my favorite colors and one using my actual favorite polish. We shall see. I only get 4 posts, so I will have to decide soon!!

This first one is just a simple cloud over a not-so- simple jelly glitter. I used the Liquid Lacquer Halfway Gemini with Sinful Amethyst and Revlon Oh My Magenta on top in the cloud. I really like this because it looks like a celestial cloud instead of a cloud in our sky. Dark and mysterious! Anyway, Enjoy!

Liquid Lacquer- Halfway Gemini
Sinful Colors- Amethyst
Revlon- Oh My Magenta


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