Nail Art for Nubs

So, this is my holo-chrome- waterfall mani. Yeah, don't try this one. It didn't work so well. It just looks like a nice multichrome instead of a waterfall. That's fine, though. Also, I have decided that it is this time to switch up the base coat. My nails have started to peel and break. My nails, like my hair, always needs a switch. It's like when researchers say that bodies become immune to antibiotics. Well, my hair and nails become immune to the products I use after like a month. I am always switching them up once I realize my nails start to peel.

As you can see, or not, I started with the ILNP holo multicrhome and added the Color Club streaks, then the Orly to fill in. 

Stay tuned for my Nail Art for Nubs ideas coming every Monday!!

Orly- Space Cadet
Color Club- Over the Moon
ILNP- Birefringence H


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