Nail Art for Nubs Round Up

So I have joined a new group and I failed the first 2 weeks, so this week I am on point. This particular round up is just for us girls with nubbins. I have tried multiple times to have those long nails, but it just doesn't work for me. I like my nubbins when they stay in shape. It actually takes a lot to keep nails in a nice nubbin shape. I have very very tiny fingers, so it makes the epic nail art pretty difficult sometimes. So, you can travel with me and several other bloggers when we showcase nail art just for nubs.

For this mani, I used my previous polish- Water 4 Elephants by Jindie Nails and added a little triangle french tip with a black dot accent. I used striping tape to make the triangles edges nice and neat. The trickiest part of this was getting the points somewhat in the middle. Once the triangles were dry, I just added the dots at the tips of the triangle. 

I really like the way these turned out. I am starting to get my creative swing back. I lost it for a while because I was just trying to blast through my untireds. It's an OCD thing :) I am now going to really try to use my untireds, but with incorporating art. 

Jindie Nails- Water 4 Elephants
Maybelline- Shocking Seas
Sinful Colors- Black on Black


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