Let's Go Steelers!!

Yes, here we are again! Praying, wishing, hoping that the boys in black and gold stepped up at practice last week and decide to kick ass today! Today, the Steelers play the Detroit Lions. They are 6-3 and, of course, the Steelers are the opposite with 3-6 record. Fantastic. Who's going to win today?!? I'm not so sure! Lions are predicted to win, but the line is not that much. Hey, it could happen! The Black and Gold could win every game from today until playoffs and qualify for Superbowl chances! Hahah... well I will wait until next year! Enjoy my little gradient that I have done for you featuring all Kiss Products! I used the black Kiss Gradient kit, minus the #1 step. I swapped out the step #1 polish for a Kiss yellow polish.
Let's Go Steelers!!!!


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