Lets Go Steelers!!

Yes, it's time for another rendition of Lets Go Steelers. Today I have a fancy Steelers mani. I used a prototype that I bought from Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer as a base and then added some high class, fancy dots in a gold holo polish. The BEGL polish is like a dark gray, purple, black holo. I thought it was more black, but when I matted it there was a lean towards purple. I tried! Just like the Steelers do every week :)

Anyway, here is my high class, fancy pantsy Steelers mani!!  Also, heads up that there a lot, I mean a lot of pictures below. They are all pretty, so I am sure you won't mind looking at them, but I did warn you :)

With China Glaze Matte Magic

Regular topcoat vs Matte topcoat Steelers comparison

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer- PDPD 1.0
Milani- 3D


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