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I was given a great opportunity from Influenster to review the new Cozy Cushions by Dr. Scholl's. I was super excited about this because I am such a boot girl during the winter. I own about 7 different varieties of boots with about 30 total boots in there. Some of them are super duper cute, but not super duper comfortable or warm. That is an issue because those are both important factors in shoe wear during the winter months.

Short side story about my first use of the Cozy Cushions- scroll past if you don't want to hear about my unlucky, hectic, crazy life stories.

So here it is Halloween day. I am at work and of course a crisis breaks out at 4:30. I was on my way out and I had to turn around and deal with this issue. Trick or treating starts at 6pm and with traffic I live about 20 minutes from home. So of course, crisis fixed, I run for my car. Traffic is insane, again of course. I bob and weave and race car drive to get home. I get home at 5:55. My kids are dressed and standing by the front door with their treat bags ready to go as I run into the house. I had literally enough time to get changed out of my work clothes and go. Oh and PS it's pouring outside. So my usual Bear Paws and leggings was not going to work. I have rain boots, but I did not want to be walking 38467 miles to trick or treat in my uncomfortable rain boots. I also did not want to have my feet be soaking wet that whole time either. At that time, I remembered the Cozy Cushions I had just got in my Rose VoxBox. I slid those babies right into my rain boots, threw on a hoodie, hat, gloves and we were on our way. We walked what felt like a million miles, 2 hours later and gathered 10lbs of candy.
We got home. My feet were dry and didn't not hurt. They were actually warm and toasty. My kids ate candy until they were sick, but this quick fix to just grab the inserts and throw them in my boots ended up being great. I usually don't test products like that. I like to plan out my reviews, but I just went with it this time and it worked!!


So, overall I highly recommend this product. I have now been switching and sharing the inserts between all my boots since we are in full boot wearing weather now. I am asking for these as stocking stuffers and I think it's a cute idea for the ladies in your life that are boot wearers as well.

Wear: They were very comfortable to walk around in
Fit: I wear a size 7 and these fit from 6-10. I did not have to alter the product in order for it to fit in my boot.
Price: Retails for about $12.00
Can be found at Target, CVS, Drugstore.com, and Walmart


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