Doticure by OksaNails

*This post was written and formatted by me. The art and instruction in it was created by another professional. Credit has been given below. Please follow all links to see originator. 

So not that long ago, I was scrolling though my Instagram feed looking for some brilliant nails and I came across a post asking for help from Bloggers. Of course, I am always looking to expand my brand so I inquired about it. From this, I gained an awesome opportunity and partnership. I have partnered with OksaNails to showcase some awesome tutorials that she made for you!

I will be hosting the actual tutorial with pictures that she made! I think this is super fun. Also, if anyone would like to take their turn at recreating this look with the help of the tutorial please be sure to post it on Instagram and tag @OksaNails

1. Cover your nails with the base coat. Paint your nails with two coats of white polish. 

2. Place 6 even dots lining up at the edge of the nail plate.

3. Place 5 even (slightly larger than in step #2 size) dots. It should look like a line as well.

4. Place a large dot at the root in the middle of the nail plate. It should visually divide the nail plate on two even sides.

5. Place 5 smaller dots around the big dot, then 6 same size dots as a second layer.

6. Place a large dot between a smaller 3 and 4 dots from a previous round. Make sure that this large dot is situated in the middle and visually divides the nail into two even parts. Surround the large dot with smaller once creating a circle.

7. Cover the design with top coat and quickly place rhinestones.

Tools I used:
1. White nail polish
2. Red nail polish
3. Dotting tool
4. Rhinestones 

Please also be sure to check out @OksaNails, the author of this wonderful tutorial on Instagram by following this link and stay tuned for some more fantabulous collaboration projects!!


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