Throwback Thursday

Yes, I made it. On the correct day!! It's Throwback Thursday with Finger Paints!! You all know that purple is my favorite color and being that I am getting super close to the huge alumni celebration with the fraternity that I advise, I am practicing the purple thing. This is my go to purple for any fraternity related nail art, but I have so many purples that this became an untried recently.

The name of this polish is Lavender Highlight, which I am not so sure about. It is not a bright purple or neonish at all. It is like the closest to a royal purple that I can get. It is like so creamy and smooth and perfect. I really enjoy the Finger Paints brand, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. so, I will just enjoy from grab bags and such. 

Finger Paints- Lavender Highlight 


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