Sweet Little Pumpkin Tutorial

Colors used:
Sinful Colors- Citrine
Sinful Colors- Time Off
NYC- High Line Green
Paint Shop Polish- Charcoal

1. Apply base color. In this case, I am using Paint Shop Polish Charcoal. It is the perfect spooky gray for Halloween!

2. Next, I made a semi-circle-ish shape at the tip of my nail for the pumpkin. You can make whatever shape you like. Sometimes I like big fat pumpkins, sometimes I like them tall and skinny. For this, I just did a little medium shaped pumpkin. 

3. Take a dotting tool or a toothpick and put a dab of the green on. 

4. Dab the dotting tool or toothpick on top of the pumpkin shape for the stem.

5. Next take your black. You can use a tiny ended dotting tool, a toothpick or just the skinniest stripping brush you can find to make the triangles for the eyes. 

6.Next use that same tool to create the zig zag mouth. Be patient with steps 5 and 6 as they should be very delicate strokes.

7. Viola!! Finished pumpykin!!


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