Spider Web Tutorial

Spider Web Tutorial

Kiss Nail Art- Neon Orange
Paint Shop Polish- Charcoal

1. Start with your base color. I am again, using Paint Shop Polish Charcoal as my base color.

 2. Take your web color and either apply it to a striping brush, toothpick, dotting tool or you can use a striping polish like I have.

3. Next, make four lines on your nail starting from a corner. You can do more or less, this is just the amount that looked good for my nail. I made a vertical line, 2 diagonals and 1 horizontal line. 

4. Next, connect each of those 4 main lines with a curve. I did 1 at a time so make a kind of pointed look where each meet on the main line. 

5. Do another row of the curves below your first row. They should be the same singular lines you did above in #4.

6. Voila!! Enjoy and be sure to use a variety of color combos for this! Skittle spider webs are the BEST!!


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