Sonoma Nail Art and OMG Does Halloween

Yes! Another "witch combo". I think these purples during Halloween remind me of the witching hours and I loooooooove it! Yes, purple is my favorite color <3 Anywho, I am totally in love with the OMG crystal sands. They are sooo pretty and sparkly and definitely a dupe for some of the Zoyas. I did not top coat them because I really like the rough texture. It soothes me throughout the day<---------Polish Addict Words. I also must say that the polish is fairly easy to take off.

I use the cotton ball-piece-let rest method. I will have to tutorial this, but I first saw it when I tried the foil remover method. I only had enough cotton balls for 6 fingers, so I tore pieces off to share with the other 4 nails. Anyway, I'll save the other 12 paragraphs of this tutorial for another day!

So onto the love of purple montage!! Enjoy and stay tuned for my last post of this SPOOKY DAY!

Sonoma Nail Art- Halloween in the Vines
OMG- Opal


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