Purple University Purple Mani for Jaycie

So, a daughter of a girl in one of my groups had a horrible accident. We are all so very close, so we decided to all do a purple mani. Last update, her daughter had surgery and is resting well in a regular room fresh out of the ICU. We all were very worried about her and her daughter because most of us are parents and we never like to see a friend have to deal with something like this. We are all still praying for her speedy recovery, so if anyone wants to add a little extra tonight her name is Jaycie.

I got this beauty as a freebie a couple months ago from Jindie Nails. I am so sorry I waited this long to try it, because it is pretty awesome. It is a purple jelly with different sized and color circle dots. Jindie Nails created this as one of their Anniversary Polishes and it freakin rocks! The depth of the jelly is just gorgeous. The only thing I would change is the top coat. I always forget when I use Jindie Nails with Out the Door it shrinks it. I should be using Seche or something else, but of course I forgot. Anyway, Enjoy and lets all hug our loved ones a little tighter today!!

Jindie Nails- Purple University 


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