Pretty Bloody Drips Tutorial

Well, I did a gross blood drips. Now, I will do a pretty one. With glow in the dark polish and hearts and butterflies. Well not all that, but it does have glow in the dark polish. Super sweeeeett!!!

Colors Used:
Sinful Colors- Candy Coated
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
Sinful Colors- Glow in the Dark 

1. Paint your base color. I used Candy Coated by Sinful Colors.

2. Next, I added the glow in the dark color. This is the easiest way to use the glow with this art as it will be too hard to add it to the drips. 

3. Next, take a white polish on a dotting tool. I like to use the biggest one I have to make a nice big gloppy dot. 

4. Then, make gloppy dots. The trick is to make them gloppy enough that you can use polish from the dot, but keep the dot shape. 

5. You want to make a couple random dots on your finger. I just did 3 because I have ridiculously small nails that's all that will fit. 

6. You will then take the glops and pull them up towards the tip of your nails. The pull line needs to be skinnier than the dot, so that you keep that drip at the bottom. Does that make sense?

7. You will then you want to connect-the-dots (haha). Just take a regular brush and make an uneven line at the tip of the nail to keep up with the drip theme. 

8. Voila!!  Do you see now why I did the glow in the dark  on the base color first? It looks pretty scary!!


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