Naughty Naughty Girl by Barielle Review

DARK and VAMPY is back ya'll. Well for now! I have yet another polish to throw into the beautiful/ keep forever pile.This is very pic heavy because I absolutely looooooooove this color. It is so dark and sexy and another A+ for Barielle. I have a regular set of shots that have just a gloss top coat and then at the very very very bottom I matted it out. It looks bad ass!!! So, enjoy! I also posted a code for 30% off, so check that out as well.

Color-  "Rich, Dark Plum" as described on the Barielle website. This really is a gorgeous deep purple learning a little red. It looks so silky and smooth.
Application- Very smooth. This is 2 coats with the Barielle Fortifying Nail Builder as a base. There were a couple patchy spots, but this could have been a one coater if I wasn't so quick to swatch.
Smell- No unusual smell
Price- $8.00
Overall- Great polish. The coverage was really nice and the application was smooth. It is a great winter polish.
Availability- You can find this beauty at the Shades Nail Color page on the website
Wear- This polish wore very well with only tip wear after 3 days. There was no chipping.

Below is Naught Naughty Girl with a matte coat on top. As I mentioned with the Jess' Champagne Toast Review, I did not use the Barielle Matte Coat.You can use Barielles Matte-inee to finish yours. This can also be found at the Barielle website.  I will have to review it for you guys to let you know how it measures up. I photographed it and I also did a gloss coat and matte coat comparison below. 

Barielle- Naughty Naughty Girl


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