Lets Go Steelers!!

Ok boys, we need a win today!! I don't want to cheer for a team that is 0 and 10000000!! Well, that's a slight exaggeration, but still. I decided to do a simple tape mani for this one. I would like the Steelers to do that same. KEEP IT SIMPLE!! Hopefully we can get this win and then I can get a little more creative with the art! Also, I realized today that I need to get it going on the Halloween art!! I have not done one bit of Halloween art this season! So, on that note, I shall leave you with this Steelers Good Luck mix!!

White and yellow are put down as the base. I did the white on one side and yellow on the other. 

 I waited for the base to dry and then added the tape. I just did a random design. Then I put the black on top of the tape; all over the nail. I immediately pulled the tape off. If you wait too long, it will pull the black off with it. I usually do 2 nails at a time to prevent this. 

Then I did my 2 accent nails with the ILNP glitter. 

 Topped them all off with my Out the Door quick drying top coat. 

American Apparel- Sunshine State
Maybelline- Onyx Rush
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
ILNP- So Ghoul


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