Let's Go Steelers- Like Really??!

Now, when I say Let's Go Steelers, it's like kick it up a notch you suck asses :) So I am posting these waaaaay late because I had an issue with my camera and it locking up all my pics. Grrrrrr. I did these, watermarked them and then lost them. They finally decided to show up. So I am plopping them up here on their bye week hoping that it will pump SOMEONE up!! Like it makes a difference, because they are still not doing well. Anyway, you know I will always love my black and gold. Sometimes they make me realllllllly mad and sometimes they make me reallly happy. Well, all the time time they make me happy. It's just their actions that anger me! So enjoy my dot framed mani!!

Sinful Colors- Let's Meet
Maybelline- Onyx Rush
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White


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