KKCenterhk Hello Kitty Stamps!!

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OMG, so my two year old daughter is obsessed with Hello Kitty. Like so obsessed, that I have began to purchase items that have a Hello Kitty theme for myself. When I saw these on the KKCenterhk website, I knew I had to get these and show them to you. Now, I had to play with the lighting in these so that you could see the details in the stamp, but super super cute!! If you would like to buy these, you can click on this link to find the exact location or click on THIS link to get a sweet discount!! The product information is N.Nail Hello Kitty KT Heart Bow Flower Doll Stamping Plate (NNAIL-SPPMF13).  I really liked using this stamp. It was easy to apply to the plate and easy to pull up with a stamper. 

As you can see, there are 11 little designs on the plate you can use. The picture at below this excerpt indicates the imprints I used for this mani.

L'Oreal- Penthouse Pink
Cult Nails- Devious Nature
Revlon- Sequin


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