ILNP- Cyngus Loop

So, when I got the email from ILNP about their pre-sale on their chromes, of course I jumped on it. I picked up three colors which also happen to by my first ILNPs. They have a lot of great colors, but I am really over the clear base glitters and want an all-in-one combo to make it easier to slap on and go. These chromes just looked gorgeous. There was pretty fast delivery after I got the shipping conf and the packaging was gorg!! Super cute with the colored and custom tissue paper- I'm still debating if it was worth the steep shipping cost or not. For now, I'll keep it as it's CUTE... Anyway, the shift is very pronounced and the best part about this polish is that there is no need for undies. You all know how I like my polishes to be wham, bam, thank you mam. Well, this was pretty close. I have 2 coats on in the pics below.
Cool thing about the chromes is that the lean to a variety of colors in different lighting. If you check my Instagram you can see the little color shift video I did. Anyway, I think Cyngus Loops leans a couple way. Purple to orange to green and a little yellow. You have to check the vid to see what I am talking about, but pretty sweet. So...... ENJOY!!

ILNP- Cyngus Loop


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