Halloween 2013 Skittles!!

So, here's my Halloween 2013 Skittle Art. Yes, another skittle. I think that I have slacked a lot this season, so I had to quick make up for it all in one mani. That's what I did!! I hope that you all enjoyed my tutorials that I did leading up to this and I hope to do some more like it for the following holidays to come! 

I used my Frankenstein tutorial for my pointer nail.

I did a jack-o-lantern for my middle finger (or tall man as my son says).

Next was just a glitter sandwich with orange creme color by Sinful Colors and then the glitter by Jordana. 

The thumb is the same orange creme with glitter on top and then 2 glitter stripes in the corner. 

For the pinky, I used the orange creme and did a french with 3 different colors. Purple, gold and white!

Jordana- Copper Blaze
Sinful Colors- Time Off
Sinful Colors- Flower Girl
Sinful Colors- Citrine
Sinful Colors- Snow Me White
NYC- High Line Green


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