Full Barielle Picture Gallery

Behold my beautiful gallery of the Barielle review I did. I am still currently testing the Nail Strengthener Cream and the Fortifying Nail Builder . I think that I am almost ready to show my findings with both of these and I think that they are shown in my recent swatch pictures. I have always had short nails and I really don't have a desire to grow them super long, but both of these products have really given me strength and overall healthy nails. Anyway, stayed tuned for that!!

So here is a final collection of the swatches from the Barielle review.
I have Fancy Pantsy, Falling Star, Naughty Naughty Girl, Now That's Hot, and Jess' Champagne Toast. If you would like to check out the individual reviews, they are all linked above.

Again to buy any of these polishes or anything from their great website, click here


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