YouPolish- Sexy M.F. Custom!!

*this polish was won in a giveaway hosted by maker
I won an awesome YouPolish giveaway where I got to work with YouPolish to create a custom of my own. I asked for a deep burgundy/red holo. I really really like this color and I have gotten a lot of compliments when I wore it. So anyway, I won this giveaway like- seems like years ago. I finally organized my untrieds and found it. I have never tried a YouPolish before and I was pretty impressed. The formula was slightly thicker, but very usable. I actually prefer this formula to a thin and runny one. It was easy to apply and only required 1 coat. I love these types of polishes because they last forever!! 

Not only did I get to create this, but I also got to name it. I threw this out to one of my favorite polish communities and it was suggested that I find a genre, favorite book, favorite song, etc. I have always loved Prince. He is one of my favorite artists. So, I chose Sexy MF. I tried to find a video to share with you all, but of course YouTube fails me once again. So, I downloaded SoundCloud instead. So, if you have never heard Sexy M.F. here it is....I love love love love love it. So... this polish is sexy as a mother f'r!!! Without further ado...

p.s. this is from Marlee (my 2 year old)- she wanted in on the post. 
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YouPolish- Sexy M.F


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